WCCEAL Member List

The following is a list of all member ALCs currently in good standing in the WCCEAL program. ALCs must abide by the WCCEAL membership rules in order to participate in WCCEAL and be listed below.

New Member - ALC has been enrolled for less than 2 quarters
Gold Member - ALC is in good standing and is reviewing their quarterly reports and annual satisfaction survey

WCCEAL Membership (as of September 15, 2021)

You can receive additional information about these and other health and residential care providers in Wisconsin using the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Provider Search.

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There are 3 layers to this map: By Status, By Association, and By Care Type. You can turn each layer on/off by opening the menu. Click on an icon in the map to view more information about that ALC. Pin locations will be in general area of ALC, click pin to access address for reference.