Free Trials of WCCEAL/eQuality

Register here for two great opportunities for ALCs interested in improving quality

Who is eligible?

Any Wisconsin licensed Assisted Living Community (ALC) not currently in WCCEAL (RCAC, CBRF or AFH) is eligible to register. Licenses will be verified by DQA prior to final acceptance into the trial.

Free 1-year Trial of eQuality

We are offering a one-year free trial of eQuality, WCCEAL's online system for data collection and reports, to any Wisconsin licensed ALC not currently in WCCEAL.

  • Access to eQuality for trial members will open on December 15, 2020 in time for the 4th quarter QI Variables save period and it will end by December 15, 2021.
  • ALCs must agree to participate in periodic evaluation questionnaires.


During the free trial period, ALCs will have access to the eQuality website to enter data and view reports. They will be designated as Trial members in the eQuality/WCCEAL system, and if they enter their ALC data they will be able to see reports, which will include aggregated WCCEAL data.

Each trial member ALC will be allowed one designated user.

Membership in an assisted living association is NOT a requirement for participation in the free trial of eQuality.

Trial member ALCs will not be required to participate in an Association quality improvement program and will not receive all of the benefits of WCCEAL such as Association support, public membership listing, Employment Opportunities in Assisted Living, and CRC access.

Trial members will receive data-driven quality improvement reports for quarters they submit data in order to compare themselves against over 400 Wisconsin ALCs.

ADDITIONALLY...ALCs that register for the free eQuality trial will be given the opportunity to be considered for an upgrade to a year of free assisted living association membership which allows for full participation in the WCCEAL program and the association approved quality program.

Free Trial Association Memberships

Two free one-year association memberships will be provided by each of the four WCCEAL assisted living associations. During registration you will be able to choose which associations you would like to be considered for. Membership in these associations includes access to the association quality improvement program and full WCCEAL access. More information on each of the association’s quality improvement programs is available under the “Approved Quality Programs” tab on the WCCEAL public website.

The associations agree to coach, mentor and provide traditional Association services at no charge for one year.

Associations will enroll the ALCs into WCCEAL by the Quarter 1 2021 membership period.

Additional requirements for association membership

  • ALCs must participate in the required activities on the WCCEAL activity timeline.
  • ALCs will be required to participate in pre and post-membership interviews.
  • ALCs will be required to abide by all WCCEAL rules.
  • ALCs will receive full WCCEAL benefits.

How to register?

To register, ALCs will need to provide their Wisconsin state license number, name and address as well as an email address for the person they would like to serve as their eQuality user. ALCs should have current license information readily available before starting the registration process below. If you are unsure of your ALC license details, refer to the general guide to finding and choosing an assisted living facility or consult one of these directories: AFH, CBRF, RCAC

You will be asked to provide the name and email of the individual you would like to serve as your ALC eQuality user for the trial.

You will need to agree to the requirements of participation listed above.

During the registration, ALCs will also have the option to be considered for the second trial which is an upgrade to one year free of Association membership. These ALCs agree to receive contact from the Associations, and will be able to select as many Associations as they want to be considered for.

ALCs have until November 30, 2020 to register.

Registration is Closed

To complete the registration process, ALCs should have current license information readily available. If you are unsure of your ALC license details, consult and search for your ALC in one of the Statewide Assisted Living Directories that corresponds to your ALC type.

License Number

License Number

Licensed Care Type

Licensed Bed Count

Current Occupancy

Licensed Name (Facility Name)

Licensed Address

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Doing Business As (enter name if different from the licensed name)

License Number

Each trial member ALC will be allowed one designated eQuality user. Enter information about that user below.

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